Jordi Fontanals

Jordi Fontanals Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist | Raquel Sueiro

Immerse yourself in a world of beauty and creativity where each brushstroke becomes a masterpiece. With over two decades of experience in the industry, Jordi Fontanals is a renowned makeup artist who has made his mark on catwalks, photoshoots, and high-profile events. Jordi’s passion for makeup is reflected in each of his projects. His unique […]


Marta Flores, directora de Instyle

Today we are interviewing Marta Flores, a Catalan journalist who stumbled into the fashion industry by chance but now boasts over 20 successful years in renowned publications such as Woman, SModa, and currently as the Director of InStyle. Marta Flores and her team are responsible for the increase in prestige and strengthening of the InStyle […]

Juanjo Martínez: fashion films Director

A few years ago, Juanjo Martínez returned to Spain to become one of the most requested fashion films in the country.

Juanjo Martínez, also known as Juan Smart, began making fashion films by chance. After being an actor in Barcelona and Madrid for many years, he wanted to explore the other side of the camera and moved to New York to study Film Production, live experiences, learn about cultures, and toughen up. A few years ago, […]

Lidia Muñoz Robledo, Event Manager at XXL COMUNICACION

Desfile de Viktor & Rolf preparado por Lidia Muñoz Robledo Event Manager at XXL COMUNICACION | Raquel Sueiro

Lidia Muñoz Robledo is the Event Manager at XXL COMUNICACION – Brands in Action – one of the leading companies in Barcelona that offers global communication services in the areas of Fashion and Accessories, Beauty, and Lifestyle. This agency specializes in fashion press relations to help brands establish their image through the media. Events have […]

Alberto Palatchi: new bridal collection

Alexina Graham for Alberto Palatchi by Xavi Gordo | Raquel Sueiro Management

These days, we have been shooting with Xavi Gordo the new bridal collection of Alberto Palatchi, and taking advantage of one of the breaks, we wanted to talk to Alberto about his sabbatical year and how he has returned to the bridal fashion with a brand that bears his name. Alberto Palatchi Gallardo is the […]

Working with celebrities, a blessing

Editorial for Madame Figaró France with Julia Roberts by the photographer Xavi Gordo | Raquel Sueiro

One of the things that i enjoy most of my job is to have the opportunity to get to know so many celebrities, this forces us to work with extra quality, which makes us better professionals. While working with celebrities you have to be aware that we are working with people whose privacy is extremely […]

Banishing prejudices in the world of fashion

Editorial for Elle Spain by the photographer Xavi Gordo | Raquel Sueiro Management

If there is any industry that bears the weight of prejudice, it is without doubt the fashion industry. Anyone outside the world of fashion thinks that the professionals in this world do needless, superficial, and unserious work, and there is nothing that annoys me more than hearing these comments, because they are totally far from […]


¿ Where is my place? This is probably a question that many models ask themselves at the end of their career in front of the cameras. I also went through this stage of uncertainty that you feel when you are about to give up what you have been doing since I was almost a child. […]