Working with celebrities, a blessing

Editorial for Madame Figaró France with Julia Roberts by the photographer Xavi Gordo | Raquel Sueiro

One of the things that i enjoy most of my job is to have the opportunity to get to know so many celebrities, this forces us to work with extra quality, which makes us better professionals. While working with celebrities you have to be aware that we are working with people whose privacy is extremely […]

Banishing prejudices in the world of fashion

Editorial for Elle Spain by the photographer Xavi Gordo | Raquel Sueiro Management

If there is any industry that bears the weight of prejudice, it is without doubt the fashion industry. Anyone outside the world of fashion thinks that the professionals in this world do needless, superficial, and unserious work, and there is nothing that annoys me more than hearing these comments, because they are totally far from […]


¿ Where is my place? This is probably a question that many models ask themselves at the end of their career in front of the cameras. I also went through this stage of uncertainty that you feel when you are about to give up what you have been doing since I was almost a child. […]