Editorial for Madame Figaró France with Julia Roberts by the photographer Xavi Gordo | Raquel Sueiro

Working with celebrities, a blessing

One of the things that i enjoy most of my job is to have the opportunity to get to know so many celebrities, this forces us to work with extra quality, which makes us better professionals.

While working with celebrities you have to be aware that we are working with people whose privacy is extremely important. Therefore, we must be particularly sensitive to the requirements they need. On occasions, we must protect our celebrities with panels or fabric, from curious people or even different members from the team, sometimes we even need to organize shootings in which only the photographer and the make-up artist are on set.

My work with Xavi Gordo has allowed me to meet many international celebrities such as, Penelope Cruz, Cindy Crawford and Elsa Pataki. All of them are impressive women who have worked their way to the top of their careers. Working with them has made me go that extra mile to keep my standards as a professional.

Celebrities don’t usually have much spare time, so we need to keep in mind their availability and agree with their representatives before starting to work together. We always coordinate their agenda and other requirements with managers and representatives, never with the celebrity herself. The fact that we are respectful with their availability and look after them are some of our distinguishing marks

Once we have finished shooting, we always select the photos with the model, either on set or sending them to their manager beforehand, and we will never publish a photo of a celebrity without their consent.

Celebrities require us to give 100% of ourselves in each session. I love taking care of them, protecting them and making sure that all this effort has an impact on the final result. For us it is an honor to have the opportunity to work with them because they make us better and inspire us personally and professionally. We feel blessed.