Fashion Production Company

Rely on us to help you tell your story, to display your concept and stylistic vision through clothing and its presentation in a fashion production.

What Do We Do as a Fashion Production Company?

A fashion production is a complex and crucial process to perform a variety of functions in the process and realization of fashion photographic projects. All major campaigns and magazine covers have a production company behind them.

As a fashion production company, we can assist you with:

  • Conceptualization: The journey begins with the photo shoot, which serves the foundation of the collection. Inspiration can come from a broad range of influences, such as culture, history, nature, art, music, or architecture. Generally, the client tells us what they want, what inspires them, and what their needs are, and from there, we, as a fashion production company, work on different ideas to present to the client.

    Model Selection or Casting: Models that fit the aesthetic and vision of the client are chosen.Finding the right models is crucial for attractively and effectively showcasing the ideas.

    Locations and Scenography: The location or concept where the collection will be presented is carefully chosen. Scenography and lighting are carefully planned to highlight the garments and the model.

    Production Team: Consists of specialized professionals, including photographers, camera operators, makeup artists, stylists, hairdressers, and assistants, among others, to carry out the production effectively.

  • Production Day: On this day, photographs and some small video shoots are done where models showcase the garments at the chosen location. The entire team works hard to capture the perfect image.

    Post-production: Once the session is finished, the editing phase begins to refine the final result. This process may include image retouching, color correction, and assembling materials.

    Promotion and Presentation: After the fashion production is completed, the images or videos obtained are used to boost the client’s brand image, including their presentation on websites, social networks, magazines, or advertising campaigns.

How We Work in Fashion Photography?

A fashion production is a creative and logistical process that involves conceptualization, design, model selection, accessory production, location choice, teamwork, and promotion, aiming to present the client’s idea in a striking and attractive manner to the target audience.

Every step is essential to communicate the vision and the story behind the launch of a new fashion image. We have extensive experience in fashion productions, both in front of and behind the camera, and we put it at your disposal to ensure the success of your projects. This is how we work:

Step 1

We take care of organizing every detail of the production so that everything is ready on the day of the shooting: we find the right location (as well as some alternatives, in case there are complications) and we coordinate the various professionals who will participate (makeup artists, hairdressers, photographer, assistants, etc.)

Step 2

Controlling light is fundamental in any fashion production, and we ensure the photographer has a professional lighting team available to create the desired lighting required for the project.

Step 3
Creative Strategy

We establish a timeline that includes each phase of the production, such as changes in hairdressing, makeup, and wardrobe, changes in lights, etc.

Step 4
Digital Production

Editing and post-production are crucial in fashion photography. We work with a highly capable retouching team, in which we have full confidence, using techniques like frequency separation or dodge and burn, eliminating shadows, or matching tones in all the photographs of the production are essential to achieve the desired result.

Step 5

We manage every personinvolved in the production, organizing their times and needs to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Fashion Photographic Productions

Over the last few years, we have had the opportunity to participate in numerous fashion productions in some of the most privileged locations in Europe. Here are just a few examples.


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