After more than 25 years in front of the TV and photography cameras as an actress and a model, in 2015 I decided to go behind the camera as a producer, and work on projects between Italy and Spain.

In 2015 I founded my own production company that offers complete production of photo and video shoots, as well as agent and managing services for celebrities and artists. Together with my team, I personally handle everything needed to produce photo or video shoots. From coming up with an idea with the art director, and finding a photographer (we are the exclusive agents for some of them) or producer, to choosing a model or celebrity for the campaign. Then we look for the right location, licences, catering, sets, motorhomes, marquees, logistics, etc., in order to carry out the project and deliver the final material (photo, video, editing).


In Spain we offer a very wide range of locations, based on the clients needs. Close by we have islands, mountains, sand dunes, beaches, urban settings with different architectural styles, historical villages, industrial units, unique hotels with whom we have signed collaboration agreements. Thanks to this, Spain has become a reference point for many productions that are subsequently circulated globally. Thanks to the weather in Spain, we can shoot all year round.


We organise everything that is needed for the production to be a success. We work with the best catering companies, and also adapt to any provider the client would like to suggest. We arrange licences with the Public Administration, as well as right of personal portrayal. We also take care of renting all required equipment for the photo or video shoot. We have agreements with motorhome renting companies. We work with a team of make-up artists, stylists, art directors, photographers and camera people, with extensive experience in numerous sectors, including fashion, automotive, cosmetics, food, pharmacy… We also offer driver service for the production. Thanks to my experience, I have direct contact with celebrities, or their managers. Our range of agreements with the most exclusive hotels make us agile and efficient. Furthermore, we have an agreement with the most renowned transfers company.


We get licences in order for the production, for the use beaches, the street, right of personal portrayal, minors… anything needed for the project.


We work with the best catering companies, so that we can adapt to the different needs of the client: food intolerance, special requests, etc.


If a motorhome is needed at the location, we take care of all the requirements and we plan accordingly to offer the best service. Private driver and security service for clients and celebrities. Vehicle for photo and video equipment. Transfer service for clients (van, ship, private jet, helicopter…). Secure transportation of equipment to the various locations.


With over 25 years of professional experience in TV, cinema and fashion, I have direct contact with a great number of national and international celebrities, with whom I worked in my years as model/actress. Therefore, I also have contact with celebrities’ managers, with whom I have agreements and an excellent relationship both at personal and professional level. This direct contact with managers makes a close and excellent relationship with the possible celebrity, which is a very important aspect to create an ideal working atmosphere during production. In conclusion, we offer direct manner and know their needs.


We work with the best model agencies, both national and international.


Per client wishes, we offer the possibility to work with national and international art directors.


We work with the best national and international, some well renowned and awardwinning, photographers.


We also work with the best national and international make-up artists.


We work with the best national and international stylists.


Among other services, we provide: Making-off photo and video shoots for special productions adapted to social networks, productions for TV adverts and video productions in 360 and 3D.


We have the best professionals in photo edition, as well as photo film and video film edition.


We have a creative team, in case the client needs it, to support idea creation, or supporting the creative idea the client has chosen. From the concept and idea, we manage the complete production process to the final delivery to client.


We have agreements with the best renting companies of equipment for production, including illumination, videocameras, photo cameras, etc.


Depending on the production and the required sets, we have agreements with various studios, and we choose the most suitable in the city of production.


We make the sets the client designs. We create sets for the campaign with our art director together with the creator.


We carry out a variety of events for clients in Spain and Italy. In Italy, we work with one of the best European agencies for organization of events: Prodea Group.


We work with one of the best casting directors in our productions, adverts, photo campaigns, TV series and TV shows.


We offer customized production for each client. Extensive experience of 25 years. We offer our clients the possibility of accompanying the client through the entire production process: from creating the idea with our art director, choosing the most suitable photographer or producer, managing casting, finding and choosing a celebrity, as well as finding locations and studios, arranging licences, finding, choosing and managing catering, vehicles, make-up artists, stylist, so that everything is ready for the client on the day of the shooting, to enjoy the fascinating world of production. Once the production ends we can also edit the photos or the video, so that the client receives the final product.