¿ Where is my place? This is probably a question that many models ask themselves at the end of their career in front of the cameras. I also went through this stage of uncertainty that you feel when you are about to give up what you have been doing since I was almost a child.

Since i started working as a model I have not stopped working for important international brands, and as an actress: I was part of a film with Warner Bros, two television series in Italy and another in Spain. In 1995 I was lucky to the winner of the beauty pageant Look of the year by Elle Magazine and in 1996 for the agency Fashion, el Bellisima de Europa.

In my case, my moment of change came after 15 years in the industry and after a voluntary break to bring up my two sons. My path led me to continue in the fashion industry, an industry that I am passionate about, and I know in detail, although this time I was on the other side of the cameras.




I am convinced that my current job, representing the international photographer Xavi Gordo and offering complete production services in the fashion industry, would not have been possible without my intense experience as a model sin I was a teenager. A time in my life that has allowed me to travel all over the world and allowed me to get to know the different professional profiles in the industry.

Working as a model for 15 years has given me many good things on a personal and professional level, but perhaps the most important is having a complete understanding of the needs of the entire team, as well as its limits and possibilities.

For that reason, what I most enjoy about my job on the other side of the cameras is taking care of my teams. I stive to meet the needs of the whole team separately and globally. And I am convinced that people who work comfortable and at ease in a team has a great impact on the final result.

We work with great professionals and a range of premium brands, that is why it is so important for me to ensure that the team is comfortable and have all they need, so they only need to focus on doing their job and seek excellence during the process. That is my place and this is what I enjoy every day at work. Do you want to join me on this path?