Fashion production

Carrying out a fashion production is a complex and collaborative process that involves the creation and execution of a series of elements to present a collection of clothing, accessories, or fashion-related products visually and attractively. This process aims to convey a story, a concept, or a stylistic vision through clothing and its presentation.


Here is a more detailed explanation of what is involved in and what constitutes a fashion production:



Everything begins with an idea or concept that serves as the foundation for the collection. This can be inspired by a wide range of influences, such as culture, history, nature, art, music, or architecture. Typically, the client tells us what they want, what inspires their collection, and what their needs are. From there, as a fashion production company, we work on different ideas to present to the client.


Collection Design:

Once the design of the garments that will make up the collection is finished, which involves pattern development, fabric selection, and prototype creation. Each garment must be in harmony with the overall concept of the collection. It is with these prototypes that production will be carried out.


Accessory Production:

In addition to clothing, accessories such as shoes, handbags, and jewelry can be created or selected to complement and enhance the collection.


Model Selection (Casting):

Models are chosen to align with the aesthetics and vision of the collection. The selection of suitable models is crucial for effectively showcasing the garments.


Locations and Set Design:

The location or setting where the collection will be presented is chosen carefully. The set and lighting are planned to highlight the garments and the concept.


Production Team:

The team is compromised with specialized professionals, including photographers, camera persons, makeup artists, stylists, hairstylists, and assistants, among others, to effectively carry out the production.




Production Day:

During the production day, photo sessions or filming take place where models showcase the garments at the chosen location. Hard work goes into capturing the essence of the collection.



Once the photo session or filming is complete, images or videos are edited to refine the final result. This may involve image retouching, color correction, and material assembly.


Promotion and Presentation:

After the fashion production is finished, the obtained images or videos are used to promote the collection. This can include their presentation on websites, social media, magazines, or advertising campaigns.


In summary, a fashion production is a creative and logistical process that involves conceptualization, design, model selection, accessory production, location choices, teamwork, and promotion, all with the goal of presenting a fashion collection in an impactful and appealing way to the target audience. Each step is essential for conveying the vision and story behind the launch of a new fashion collection.