Location Agency for Film and Advertising

Sometimes, when we’re working on a fashion production, we need a location agency to assist us in finding a fresh and unique location that stands out from the rest of the productions.


The client provides us with instructions on what they’re looking for in their photo shoot, and we relay all the information to the agency we will be collaborating with. It’s the Location Agency that prepares various proposals, and based on those proposals, I filter and select the two or three most impressive locations.

Once we’ve made our selections, we delve a bit deeper and present them to the client. They will then evaluate, in conjunction with our assistance, which option best aligns with their needs.


Having a good location is crucial for the production of a fashion photo shoot, as the choice of a suitable location can make a significant difference in the final outcome. Our Location Agency has connections with the best properties in the country and is aware of places we might not be aware of, depending on the needs of the client.


The location agency researches and seeks out places that match the concept and style of the photo shoot. This entails exploring a variety of options, such as photography studios, urban exteriors, natural landscapes, interior spaces within buildings, mansions, beaches, and more.


Once potential locations are identified, the location scout takes charge of contacting the property owners, negotiating terms of use, securing necessary permits, and establishing prices. With this information in hand, we offer the client various options, and they choose what best suits their needs. At this stage, if necessary, the client may personally visit the potential locations to assess their suitability, check lighting, available space, accessibility, and other logistical aspects.


Before the arrival of the production team and the models, our location agency and our team are the first to arrive to ensure that everything is prepared for the arrival of the rest of the teams.


The location plays a critical role in shaping the final outcome of the project, enriching it and helping to convey the client’s intended concept. Depending on where the photos or filming take place, they can evoke different sensations. For instance, shooting at a beach can convey a feeling of freshness and warmth, while a production in a factory might exude an industrial atmosphere. If the location is a Mediterranean farmhouse or a typical Mediterranean house, it can provide a distinct ambiance, offering an alternative perspective on the product.


Having the assistance of a Location Agency makes the job for our production company much less complicated, as we wouldn’t be able to access such special and unique spaces or places without their help. Our production company has captured stunning shots in places like waterfalls, forests, houses, beaches, and more, where the final results have been incredible, all thanks to excellent location scouting.